From Egs Mayhem

My character:

Grom Hammerson

Proffesion: Private eye

Skills: Extremely observant, grom is good at prying into peoples lives, and has a good understanding of, as he puts it; "Tha' nasty lil ways folks minds be workin'". He is also very persistant, though not patient, and a good brawler.

Traits: Generally wears a long brown coat, a battered old low brimmed hat and smokes a pipe wrought in solid iron, filled with a foal smelling weed of his own concoction. He also carries a hand axe.

History: A former watchman born and bred in the gutter of Ankh'morkpork, Grom grew up an orphan, the only item left behind by his father a hammer and a pair of somewhat charred boots (His father being a blacksmith who was terminally obsessed with using dragons rather than a furnace.

After a while in the watch, he left for the more lucrative area of the private eye, a proffesion at which he excels at.

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